Fall Are you excited that Fall is finally here?  Everywhere you go, there are hints of the season all around.  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!  I love drinking a hot latte on a chilly morning!  Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Cake, Apple Pies, and many other warm treats help us welcome in the season. The colors of fall are beautiful!  If you are out shopping, you will find plenty of Pumpkins  and Leaves to decorate your home with.

Each year as Fall approaches, I am excited to get out my decorations.  My Pumpkin Patch Pumpkins are some of my favorite Fall decorations. Every year I create a Pumpkin Patch on my dining room table.  There are big pumpkins, little pumpkins, and pumpkins of all shapes, colors, and sizes. It is fun to create the Pumpkin Patch and just like pumpkins growing in a patch, there isn’t a right or wrong way to place them.

Maple Leaf Parade
Maple Leaf Parade

We live in a town where Maple Trees are abundant.  The variety of colors they provide during Fall are amazing!  On the third Saturday of October we celebrate with the Maple Leaf Parade & Band Festival.  Week long activities lead up  to the Parade.  There are 5K & 10K Runs, an Arts & Craft Show, Bike Tour, Car Show, Dog Show, K9 Leap & Dash, 3 Minutes of Fame Lip Sync Competition, Gospel Sing, Quilt Show, & Live Entertainment.  There are also Pageants for: Babies, Toddlers,  Little Mr. & Miss , Junior Miss, Princess, & Queen.  Sometimes the weather is warm and sometimes it is chilly, but it is always fun to get out and see everyone.  There are many food vendors who come to town for the event, so there are many tempting and tasty treats to try. This is the 49th year for the Maple Leaf Festival.  It is family style fun in a hometown atmosphere!

Do you live in a place where Fall is fun?  It is a great time of year to get the kids outside and explore!  Check out the activities listed below for some Fall fun!



10 Fun Fall Activities with Kids!

1)  Visit a Pumpkin Patch – Find a Pumpkin Patch near you.  Most offer hayrides, kids games, apple cider, and hot chocolate.  Be sure to have your camera or phone handy so you can take advantage of the many great photo opportunities. You will be able to capture natural smiles while the kids are exploring and having fun!  The kids will love picking out a Pumpkin to bring home!

2)  Take a Walk or Hike – Get outside and enjoy the season!  Talk to them about all of the different things they see.  Talk about the bugs and insects they find and see. Find different colors of leaves and let them collect their favorites. It’s a perfect opportunity to tell them about the seasons changing and why leaves change colors.

3)  Go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt – You can make your own list or here are some suggestions. Look for a: pinecone, apple, pumpkin, red leaf, ant, scarecrow, yellow leaf, and a squirrel.  You can make the list longer or shorter depending on your child’s age.

4)  Jump in the Leaves –  Your leaf pile will vary depending on where you live and the number of trees you have.  We live in town and have a total of 4 trees.  There are enough leaves to jump in, but nothing compared to the leaves at my parents house.  They live out of town and have many trees.  There are 3 gigantic Maple Trees  beside their driveway.  These trees have been around for many decades and produce an enormous amount of leaves!  Each year, we rake them into a huge pile, being careful not to catch any sticks.  The pile gets so large that we jump in off of the tailgate of my dad’s truck!  We all take turns raking leaves back into the pile.  Age doesn’t matter!  Last Fall we had jumpers from 1 to 71 years old! The fun last for hours and sometimes days!  Rain, however, can ruin a good leaf pile!

5)  Find a Fall Festival – Check the local calendars to find a Fall Festival near you.  The kids will love all of the fun activities that surround the festival.  Like our Maple Leaf Festival, you are bound to find fun, food, and fellowship!

6)  Have a Campout – With the weather cooling down, it is a great time for a campout!  You can go somewhere to camp or camp in your own backyard.  The kids will love setting the tent up and making smores!  If you can’t build a campfire to roast the marshmallows, you can toast them over the grill.  If all else fails, zap them in the microwave and take them outside.  They will also love reading stories in the tent with a flashlight.  Most of all, they will love spending time with you!

7)  Visit an Apple Orchard – Find a local Apple Orchard and have fun picking apples.  Your child will love visiting the orchard, discovering how apples grow,  and they will also love helping you bake a special apple treat!

8)  Attend a Football Game – I don’t know if your hometown is like ours, but here, Friday nights are made for football. Everyone gathers at the football stadium to cheer on our local high school team.  There are tailgate parties and plenty of comfort food. Face Painters are  set up to paint mascots, footballs, and jersey numbers on kids faces.  Sometimes the adults join in the fun.  The band plays, the dance team dances, and the cheerleaders cheer. Touchdowns are celebrated with air horns, the schools fight song, and cheerleaders throwing small plastic footballs to the crowd.  It is a fun place to be!  Take your kids to a local football game and let them join in the fun.

9)  Play in the Park – With the cooler weather, a local park is a great place to let the kids run and play.  Playground equipment is always fun to play on.  If the sun is bright, don’t forget to check the slides!  Sometimes the slides are too hot for sliding in shorts. We don’t want those little legs to get burned. The Park can also be a great place for a Scavenger Hunt!

10)  Visit the Library – When the rain comes, it is a perfect time to visit the Library!  There are books for everyone to enjoy!  Check out these great books about Fall for your child:  a) I Love Fall – your toddler will love exploring Fall in this touch and feel book;  b) A Fall With BoBo – follow BoBo as he enjoys several Fall activities;  c) Why Do Leaves Change Color? – discover why leaves change color and other fun fall activities with leaves;  d) Arthur Jumps Into Fall – Arthur helps his dad rake the leaves, but then decides jumping in them is more fun, especially with a party;  e) Welcome Fall – your toddler will love learning about Fall with the colorful illustrations and textures in this book.  There are many other great books about Fall that your child will love reading with you!I Love Fall

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